What to Expect from Your Tree Service Provider

When it comes to tree care, each service provider has its own processes and procedures to follow. Many homeowners wish that there’s a standard that they can refer to so that they know exactly what to expect when they hire these professionals.  

While you can’t set a standard that private businesses and institutions would adhere to, you can definitely expect the same outcome from these service providers. Listed below are the responsibilities of your Aurora tree service provider. 

  1. They should protect you frompossiblehazards.  

The tree service provider is responsible for protecting the properties and all the people around the premises while they do tree work. They should know all about the possible hazards and protect the public from it. They should also assume all liability if and when damage occurs.  

  1. You may file for a lawsuit if damage does occur. 

All the safety procedures should be followed when tree cutting or trimming. If there’s a possibility that the service provider was negligent in any way, then you can definitely file a lawsuit against them. In essence, the tree care company should be covered with insurance for such instances.  

  1. They should be knowledgeable about the job. 

Tree service is a serious business that requires equipment, knowledge, and training. You don’t just hire somebody with a chainsaw. You have to hire arborists and tree specialists. Unless you have certified and licensed professionals on the premises, refuse to get anybody started on the job.  

The Professional Way of Tree Pruning  

There are amateur ways and professional ways to prune trees. If you’re going to pay for the service anyway, you might as well be assured that professionals are doing the job and that you’re going to get the best possible outcome out of it. In essence, the service providers should: 

  1. Cleanthe tree 

Tree cleaning is a term used in the tree pruning process where all non-beneficial parts of the tree are removed. This includes diseased, broken, and dead branches. Tree cleaning is usually done on mature trees. 

  1. Raise the tree

Raising the tree is the process of pruning a tree so that it meets the vertical or horizontal clearance of a building. This job entails sheer precision that you may not find from an untrained professional. The clearance should be specified clearly and executed flawlessly.  

  1. Reducethe tree 

This type of pruning decreases the spread of height of the tree. Such a method is used to balance the tree’s canopy, spread, and height. Certain branches have to cut, including the live and healthy ones. But then, it takes special skills to do this on old and stressed trees.  

  1. Thinthe tree  

This special pruning process aims to reduce the tree’s density. Here, proper thinning is performed to retain the tree’s crown size and shape while evenly distributing its foliage. Thinning shouldn’t exceed 25 percent of the foliage crown.  

These are the things that you should take note of every time you hire professionals to trim your trees. You deserve the best services so never settle for anything less. Always hire the experts to do these jobs.  

Stump Grinding or Removal: Which One is Better?

If you recently removed a tree, another problem would take its place: the stump. If a tree is cut, a portion of it remains. The stump and all its roots are still on the ground. Some trees may even regenerate out these stumps. So unless you want a new tree growing out of the stump again, you might as well have it removed. Cutting down the tree is just half of the job. Taking care of the stump is another. If you need more information, you may talk with the experts in tree service Aurora. 

There are at least two ways for you to get rid of the stump in your backyard. The first option is to have it removed completely. The other option is to grind it. Either way, these jobs will have to be performed by the professionals in order to do them right.  

Tree Stump Removal 

If you choose to remove the stump completely, then you’d have to remove the root ball. This is the more difficult option because you’d have to dig out everything. Do note that as the tree grows, its network of roots become complicated.  

It’s not uncommon for root balls to grow ten times more than the actual tree size. This makes their job a very difficult process. And after you have successfully removed the root ball, a large hole remains on the ground. Sometimes, the smaller roots are cut instead of removing them entirely in order to simply the entire process. 

Tree Stump Grinding  

If you don’t want to do any digging on your lawn, then you should opt for stump grinding instead. Here, the stump will be chopped into smaller pieces that can also be used as ground cover or mulch. The tree stump would be ground down to a certain level below the soil, and then it will be covered with earth. It will take some time for the rest of the stump and the roots to decay. 

A stump grinder is used to start chopping the stump away. For this process to work, the equipment should fit your yard. The bigger the stump grinder used, the faster the job will be completed. There are also smaller machines that can be rented from hardware stores if you want to go the DIY route.  

Stump Grinding versus Stump Removal 

The best way for you to get rid of stumps is to find the type of service that better provides for your needs. Start by thinking about the outcome that you want. If you want the job to be completed fast, then stump grinding is your better option as it takes lesser time to grind than to dig out the root. Talk to the best stump grinder O’Fallon to discuss about the pricing.  

However, if you want to completely remove the roots because it may cause foundational issues on the structure that you’re trying to build, then you should choose stump removal. You’re also assured that there will be no regrowth. However, this is also the more expensive choice.  

Stump Grinding Basics, Tips, and Tricks

Trees are beautiful and majestic. They provide a lot of things to the environment and the people around them. Trees offer shade, provide privacy, and purify the air. But then, trees have to be cut down for some reason. If this has to happen, the once beautiful tree now becomes just a stump.  

Even if you want your tree remembered, keeping the stump protruding out of the ground is never a good idea. If you have hired a professional to remove the tree, then you also have to have them remove its stump. It’s a separate service so don’t expect the tree company that you hired to cut your tree, haul it away, and remove the stump all in one go. Stump removal has to be done on another day.  

Why Stumps Should Be Removed 

There are some rare cases when you may get away with letting the stump remain in your backyard. But practicality-wise, you must have it removed or you may encounter some logistical problems in the future. If you decide later on that you want to install something where the tree used to be, then removing the stump may mean damaging all the other structures around it.  

Stumps are also the favorite breeding ground of insect and pests. Unless you want your home invaded by these unwanted guests, be sure to have the stump removed as soon as possible. Rats, ants, termites, and other insect love living on tree stumps and the rotting wood underneath it.  

Why Stump Removal is a Separate Service  

You might be wondering why you have to pay for stump removal separately after you have requested for tree removal. Well, the roots of the trees are very huge. Usually, the stump is impossible to remove completely. But digging it out is still an option, although it’s a very big undertaking. You do have another option, which is to grind the stump using a grinder. Either way, both are labor-intensive jobs that may take at least half a day’s work.  

Tree removal would almost always take a full day so stump removal would have to be done on the next day. And because the tree service providers would have to drive all the way to your place again, it’s only right for them to put stump grinding as a separate service. That may actually work to your advantage, as you may choose to get the job done on a later date.  

How is Stump Grinding Performed? 

There’s a machine called a stump grinder that professionals use to chop the stump in a million pieces. There are smaller versions of this machine that can be rented at hardware stores. If the tree stump you need to get rid of is no bigger than a foot in radius, then maybe you can do the job yourself. Otherwise, you have to call in the professionals to handle it.  

If you need help with stump grinding, then hire a professional tree removal O’Fallon. They should be to help you out with the project. It would be best if you hire the same company for tree removal and stump grinding for easy job coordination.